snakes, scorpions, and bugs, oh my!

People who know anything about the Southwest, the desert, and especially the Phoenix area will be quick to associate those areas with four major problems: snakes, scorpions and a lot of blowing dust – ergo, tumbleweeds. For many months of the year, pest control companies are, or can be, as busy as ants at a lakeside picnic.

On the other hand if you own metro Phoenix property and have been depending on a certain pest control company by force of habit and dread the “let’s spray for pests” day because of the smell, your pets getting ill, and the family always having that “sneezing” and “headache” problem, you’ll be happy to know there’s a new “pest sheriff” in town. Green Home Pest proudly wears the title of being environmentally friendly, as well as the use of safe pest removal methods.

eco_smart_logoThe fact is that a new wave of environmentalism , eco-savvy homeowners and consumers are beginning to realize that they no longer need or should consider relying on traditional pesticides, which pose a list of health risks for humans and animals, in an attempt to combat the types of rodents and insects that frequent the Phoenix area. Yet these traditional pest companies still run around spraying pesticides; leaving the path wide-open for “green” pest control products. Items like glue traps, door sweeps, mint oil and orange peel, and boric acid-based products are just a few of the ingredients that were unheard of a decade ago.

All that said, the question before the house of common sense from some property owners
might suggest that all this “wringing” of the hands and “raising of an eyebrow” is nonsense. People have been using pesticides since day one, and this “green environmental” stuff is profligate. Well, you can’t ignore the factual truth that pesticides do contain rather wide variety of chemicals that are harmful and ultimately find their way into this natural environment where they can cause harm. And let’s not leave out the effect pesticides can have on young children. Knowing your pest control company is currently using less-harmful products certainly will reduce those risks.

bedbug (1)Most Phoenix property owners can handle a garden infestation, but once those pests spot an opening to your home where they can hangout and eat like a teenager, most folks will run for a broom or can of spray, or jump on top of the stove hollering for help at the two scorpions walking across the kitchen floor. No, people! Attempting to solve or minimize your pest control on your own – indoors or outdoors – it’s time to seek the services of a professional pest control company wearing the “green shield” that certifies that this particular Phoenix pest control company meets the stringent prevention-based standards and environmentally safe products and removal methods. Locating such a company is as easy as visiting online or your phone book and look for a pest company that certifies its service as environmentally safe and chooses to use less-toxic chemicals. Green Home Pest is a great pest control service. All the products they use are botanical or organically derived to ensure they are taking care of your home the smarter more responsible way. Make sure to check out bed bugs phoenix az for a cleaner, safer home, today.